Barton Ross & Partners, LLC Architects (BRPA) is a full-service, award-winning architecture, planning and historic resources consulting firm. The multidisciplinary practice specializes in the contextual design, adaptive reuse, and expert restoration of historic buildings in the Mid-Atlantic Region. BRPA contributes countless hours of pro bono services and community service as part of our commitment to protecting our irreplaceable historic properties.

Value: Historic buildings often have unique designs, softer materials, and antiquated construction methods which may not be familiar or recognizable to an architect or builder who does not specialize in historic preservation. Hiring a preservation professional will improve quality standards, save time and money, and help protect the design integrity of your historic property. BRPA has the expertise necessary to guide your preservation project to overall success while achieving lasting value. We have extensive training and experience on historic buildings and are often able to work more efficiently, cost effectively, and produce better, more historically accurate projects. BRPA will prepare plans for appropriate repairs on historic buildings and direct the construction work in the field to preserve important building features without damage. This work can involve restoring a building to its original, pristine appearance or by adaptively using a structure to serve a new functional purpose.

Historic Services:   Research and planning are a critical part of the preservation process. BRPA emphasizes the need for detailed and thorough investigation of each project. Responsible stewardship of historic buildings requires a curatorial approach to guide all historic site planning, maintenance, and interpretation. The building conditions assessment and the preparation of measured drawings are the first steps in planning a preservation, restoration, or rehabilitation project. Historic Structure Reports and Preservation Plans are also a valuable means for a building owner to establish the scope and budget for maintenance interventions and systems upgrades.

Barton Ross & Partners, LLC Architects offers the following design, planning and research services:

  • Existing conditions surveys and assessment
  • Measured drawings & HABS/HAER documentation
  • Historic Structure Reports (HSR)
  • Preservation Plans
  • Historic Preservation Written Specifications & Consulting
  • Feasibility and cost studies
  • Condition Assessment Reports
  • Federal, state, and local agency submission and review process
  • Building code analysis
  • Accessibility and ADA compliance